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Liz Donaldson
Music: Beyond the Beltway, first line


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Top of page English Echoes: English Country Dance Favorites

English Echoes: English Country Dance Favorites Liz Donaldson, piano; Becky Ross, fiddle; Colleen Reed, flute; with Bruce Edwards, bassoon*

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English Echoes contains 14 of our favorite English Country Dance tunes. The selections, which range from rollicking to sublime are dance length and are suitable for dancing or listening to.

  • Take a Dance 6/8 7x
  • Mr. Isaac's Maggot 3/2 7x
  • Honeysuckle Cottage 3/4 7x
  • Collier's Daughter 2/2 9x
  • Halsway Manners 6/8 6x (3 couple set dance, twice)
  • Peace Be with You* 2/2 7x
  • Newcastle 2/2 3x (4 couple set dance)
  • Newcastle Reprise 2/2 3x (4 couple set dance)
  • The Molly Andrew 3/4 7x
  • Key to the Cellar* 3/2 7x
  • Shrewsbury Lasses 2/2 6x (3 couple set dance, twice)
  • Alice* 3/4 7x
  • Money in Both Pockets 6/8 7x
  • Well Hall 3/2 7x

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CD Cover: English Echos
Cover: Watercolor by Trisha Sandefur

Becky Ross, Liz Donaldson, and Colleen Reed
photo by Marida Hines


Top of page Caledonian Muse

Terpsichore - Elke Baker, fiddle; Liz Donaldson, piano; and Ralph Gordon, cello and bass

New Scottish Country Dance CD! (nominated for a WAMMIE award for Best Traditional Folk recording.)

  • Luckenbooth Brooch 8x32 Jig
  • Fireside Reel 8x32 Reel
  • Monymusk 8x32 Strathspey
  • Mrs. Stewart's Jig 8x32 Jig
  • Suitable for Minister on the Loch 3x32 Strathspey
  • Duke of Perth 8x32 Reel
  • Duke of Perth Encore 4X32 Reel
  • Catherine's Waltz
  • Pelorus Jack 8x32 Jig
  • Bedrule 8x32 Strathspey
  • Montgomeries' Rant 8x32 Reel
  • Set of Strathspeys 4x32 Strathspey
  • Reels suitable for The Barmkin 1x88 Reel
  • John Hay's Bonnie Lassie (Waltz)

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CD Cover: Calendonian Muse

Terpsichore: Elke Baker, Ralph Gordon, Liz Donaldson
photo by Ken Graham


Top of page Waverley Station: First Stop!

Liz Donaldson, piano; David Knight, fiddle; and Ralph Gordon, cello and bass

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A dynamic Scottish Country Dance recording containing new sets of traditional and contemporary jigs, reels, strathspeys and waltzes, for dancing.

  1. 8x32 Reels: 4/4 Marches [4:45]
    Hebridean Waulking Song / Banks of Inverness / Lochiel's March / Campbell's Farewell
  2. 8x32 Jigs [4:40]
    The Sailor's Wife / The Standards / Have a Drink With Me
  3. 4x32 Strathspeys [4:21] Young Invercauld's / Appin House / Gordon Castle / Bonnie Beatons
  4. 8x32 Jigs [4:48] Miss Trotter's Reel - of Castlelaw / Miss Hannah, Elgin / Pete & Lori's Wedding / Lady Louisa Russell's Jig / Hey to the Camp
  5. 8x32 Strathspey Airs [8:17]
    A Song for Sheryl / David's Air / Rorate Coeli / I Long for Thy Virginitie
  6. 8x40 Reels (suitable for "Foggy River Reel") [5:57]
    The Phoenix / Traveling West / Spirit of the House
  7. 3x32 Waltz [2:09]
    "The Outskirts"
  8. 8x32 Reels: Hornpipes [4:48]
    Ramblewood Hornpipe / Hang Fire / Harlequin / Virginia Hornpipe
  9. 8x32 Strathspeys [8:33]
    Fiona Miller's / Sandy Buchanan's / The Warlocks / S'ann an Ile
  10. 4x64 Pipe Jigs [4:53]
    The Curlew / Chatterin' Teeth / Paddy's Leather Breeches
  11. 8x32 Reels [4:46]
    Mo Chuachag Lagach Thu / Stan Hamilton / Jock Broke da Prison Door / Pull the Arms off the Clock
  12. 2.5x32 Waltz [3:11]
    "Waiting For Jim"
CD Cover: Waverley Station First Stop!

David Knight, Liz Donaldson, and Ralph Gordon
photo by Danni Downing

David Knight and Liz Donaldson
photo by Frank Lavelle


Top of page More Memories of Scottish Weekend

A second live CD of Scottish Country Dance music recorded in 2002 by popular demand.

Musicians: Liz Donaldson, Dan Emery, Earl Gaddis, Ralph Gordon, Anne Hooper, Betsy Hooper, David Knight, and Dave Wiesler.

Cover: More Memories of Scottish Weekend CD Includes music for the following dances:
  • Hornpipes Suitable for Catch the Wind 8x32H
  • The Jubilee Jig 8x32J
  • Asilomar Romantic 8x32S
  • Duke of Atholl's Reel (Pipes) 8x32J
  • Denise's Waltz 5x32W
  • The Royal Deeside Railway 8x32R
  • Set of Strathspeys 3x32S
  • Waverley 8x48J
  • Round Reel of Eight 1x88R
  • Gypsy Weaver 8x32S
  • EH3 7AF 8x32J
  • Balquidder Strathspey 8x32S
  • The Mason's Apron 8x32R
  • Bonnie at Morn 4x32W


Top of page Memories of Scottish Weekend

An exciting and vibrant CD of Scottish Country Dance Music recorded live.

Musicians: Earl Gaddis, Steve Hickman, Anne Hooper, Calum MacKinnon, Marty Taylor, Liz Donaldson, Ralph Gordon, and Dan Emery.

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Includes music for the following dances:

CD Cover: Memories of Scottish Weekend
  • Swiss Lassie 8X32 R
  • Last of the Lairds 8x32J
  • Adieu Mon Ami 8x32S
  • Blue Bonnets (with Pipes) 8x32J
  • De'il amang the Tailors 8x32R
  • Lezlie & Gordon's Waltz
  • Fireside Reel 8x32R
  • Flock of Geese 5x32J
  • The Sailor 8x32H
  • Miss Gibson's Strathspey 8x32S
  • Mrs. Stewart's Jig 8x32J
  • Montgomeries' Rant or The Full Monty 8x32R
  • Lullaby for Kim (Waltz )


CD Cover: Terpsichore

Top of page Terpsichore

Elke Baker, fiddle and Liz Donaldson, piano

This lively CD, which has become a classic, includes 41 tunes arranged for Scottish Country Dancing:

  • Espie McNabb 8x32J
  • Long Pond Reel 8x32R
  • 3x32 Set of Strathspeys
  • Ellie's Jig 8x32J
  • Seann Truibbhas Willican 8x32 S
  • West's Hornpipe 4X32R
  • Waltz for Mary Kay
  • The Shuttle Bus 8x32J
  • Sleepy Maggie 8x32R
  • Birks of Invermay 8x32S
  • Light and Airy 8x32J
  • Reel of the Royal Scots 8x32R
  • Rosewood Waltz


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# Music in title: Beyond the Beltway © Liz Donaldson